Learn About Caitlin Mckenna

Over the last year, Caitlin has been running their own community organization in Leeds (Bone Down LAG). They've experienced completely organic growth with sustained interaction, regularly running events for 30+ attendees and offering educational resources, workshops, showcases, event management, and more. Caitlin has played a vital role in all of this from hosting to graphic design.

They are releasing their first zine of community work in August 2023 and as the assistant editor, Caitlin has coordinated the entire enterprise from conception to publication. 

Caitlin is a versatile professional writer who has experience in a number of roles including copywriting, affiliate writing, blog writing, creating journalistic content, and creative writing. Additionally, Caitlin has marketing, PR, and social media experience, both in paid and voluntary roles.

Working in a breadth of industries from flooring to publishing, Caitlin is willing to embrace whatever is thrown at them and fully commit to what is being asked of them. They are a punctual, educated, and enthusiastic employee.

As well as years of hands-on experience as a professional writer, Caitlin is educated to a postgraduate level with a BA in English Literature and History, and a MA in Creative Writing. As a poet, they've collected a number of accolades like a Griffin Poetry Prize nomination, a Pushcart Prize nomination, and a feature on a CLMP Pride reading list. In 2022 they joined the Bent Key Publishing roster, released their first book at the age of 23, and have gone on to become part of the team, maintaining the website and giving input into publications.

They have a range of poetic publications to their name including anthologies, online journals, and zines. 

Since becoming a spoken word artist Caitlin has been asked to perform across the North including festivals like Deer Shed, Leeds Poetry Festival, and Ilkley Fringe Festival. The skills they've gathered from this (public speaking, communication, decision-making) have been found to be incredibly transferable.


Bone Down

In 2022 I co-founded a literary affinity group. For the last year we've been running monthly open mic events, workshops, socials, collaborations with other local organisations, and have built up a community of creatives. The focus on the project is to support marginalised creatives, promote creativity and collaboration, and reclaim public spaces. We're releasing our first zine in August 2023. 

Bent Key Publishing 

In 2022 I signed with the Northern micropress Bent Key Publishing. I released Now Say It Back, my first chapbook with them in 2022, and am soon to release my second physical release in 2023, and have a piece featured in their upcoming anthology Ey Up 2. I've performed as part of a showcase with the company for Leeds Poetry Festival, have attended writing retreats, and have volunteered my skills for the company by hosting open mics, reading submissions, aiding with PR and communications, and maintaining the website.