Caitlin Mckenna

Experienced and professional freelance writer 

Poet, spoken word artist, event facilitator, and host 

Also known as Cait


I'm a freelance writer, available to take on new projects on a frequent basic. 

I'm also available for research tasks, proof reading, and editing. 


I'm an emerging Northern poet and spoken word artist. I joined Bent Key Publishing in 2022 to release my debut chapbook and I frequently perform across the North. 

My Ethos

The heart of my work is my strong beliefs in community care, supporting marginalised artists, and ensuring that creatives are fairly compensated. 

Get in Touch

You can contact me through this website or my socials to hire me for a range of jobs and services. If you have any question, please reach out. 

A taste of what I do

Crazy Guitar Solos That Changed Music For Good

You Really Got Me – The Kinks (Dave Davies)

When British band The Kinks broke through in July 1964 with their third single You Really Got Me, the track’s stripped-back, high-energy take on rock’n’roll was a shock to the system. Dave Davies’ raucous, overdrive-heavy solo thrilled listeners, although for years it was erroneously rumored that the solo hadn’t actually been played by Davis himself, but a then-unknown young session guitarist named Jimmy Page.

Rock’n’roll always had plenty of wild me

Scary Movies Even True Horror Fans Can't Handle

Art the Clown made a huge splash during his debut silver screen appearance Terrifier, and so hopes were high for his inevitable follow-up. Terrifier 2 blew most people’s expectations out of the water: doubling the gore, doubling the depravity, and doubling the ghoulish humour. While the initial movie already had a reputation for extremity, the sequel proved you can always take things further.

Mother! isn’t scary in the way that most horror movies are; it’s low on jumpscares, there’s no faceless

Caitlin Mckenna —

and dreaming of invisible strings, the things

- golden, blue, iridescent in their shine and I thought of the time

you stood gleaming in the light of my attic window and I could have sworn

I glimpsed the thread connecting me to you.

I had to turn, my eyes blinded by the sun

but I knew if I tugged at it you would have come melting all over me

until we puddled together, unable to separate ourselves ever again.

From July to January I sprang in my elastic though between the idea

that you had

Now Say It Back: Caitlin McKenna

Deeply honest and exquisite: an exploration of every angle of love, even in its rarest form. Love is universal, complex and comes in many forms — it is passion and fury, anxiety and insecurity, calmness and serenity; it can chew you up, spit you out and leave you for dead — or it can consume you whole, savouring everything and leaving nothing. In this incredible collection of poetry, Caitlin McKenna explores the many faces of love, drawing on different relationships and the experiences inherentl

Dr. Dre's Super Bowl Halftime Show Wins First-Time Emmy

Visionary rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Dr. Dre can now add another win to his long list of awards — an Emmy for his incredible Super Bowl halftime show.

The Super Bowl is the most awaited annual sporting event in the US with millions of fans tuning in or turning out at the stadiums to be a part of the final NFL playoff of the season. But as the years pass, even non-football fans are starting to take an interest for one reason only: the halftime show.

With previous performers like Michael

37 Wellness Items to Keep You Feeling Young At Heart

We all want to feel as young as possible. Looking back on our early twenties (or trying to embrace them and get the most out of them!) when we felt our best and looked our best, can be a little nostalgic. But you don’t need to leave your best days behind. Change your life up with these incredible wellness products that will have you feeling young at heart.

From heating pads that will battle pain and discomfort to vitamins that will have you looking fresher and brighter than ever before, there’s